"I am so thankful that I found Alissa Ogburn and Nutrition That’s Right for You! I’ve always been pretty healthy and have eaten mostly natural and organic foods, but there were a few things that I needed some help with. Alissa helped me understand that each person reacts and responds differently to foods, so she recommended Food Sensitivity Testing for me. Once I received the results, Alissa helped me understand them, and I changed my diet based on the results. I couldn’t believe the difference only a few changes in my diet made! I wasn’t required to purchase any additional supplements or meal replacement items. I loved that I was always able to eat real food and that the results were based on what my body likes and doesn’t like. Alissa is very helpful and really takes time to understand and has a great desire to help! I would highly recommend Alissa!"


 "Working with Alissa has been enjoyable. She definitely knows what questions to ask and then truly listens to the answers. I don't feel rushed. I don't feel judged. Many times when talking with others previously, I feel that because I am overweight that I am judged by that and no one truly pays attention to what I am saying about how I really feel physically. Alissa has given me hope and I feel that I will have a coach all the way through this journey that I am beginning. That feels wonderful! I absolutely would recommend Alissa to others and have already done so. Alissa has a passion for what she does and also a true ability to listen and connect with her clients. So far my experience has been amazing!"

- Cindy

"I had many, many symptoms including a sleep disorder (extreme fatigue at times, even though I took supplements & thought I was eating clean), inflammation triggering pain in joints, inability to lose weight (due to sleep disorder resulting in metabolic dysfunction), many other symptoms that made me yearn for a better lifestyles. Testing with Alissa revealed even though I was eating clean, the foods I thought were good for me were not a good fit due to food sensitivities and a deficiency in some badly needed supplements. Once my test results were known and I completed the program she designed for me, the knowledge gained and lifestyle change diminished the inflammation and resulting side effects from that symptom and I continued on my path to work through the sleep disorder. Alissa’s program and extensive knowledge have proven to be life changing for me. I recommend her testing and program to anyone seeking answers to better health and well being through natural alternatives. It will be the “most valuable gift” one could gift themselves. Thank you again, Alissa for your intelligence, dedication to work, healthy lifestyle and love for mankind. You are truly and “exceptional” woman and present an awesome testimony to us all."

- Danamarie